Cycling through generations of success, Jioio’s Pizza remains Greensburg’s premiere family restaurant. Tony opened the Greensburg location at a time where Grunge was taking over the radio stations and Arnold Schwarzenegger was returning as the Terminator. Jioios’ roots actually trace back to 1950 in Latrobe

Original Location

Tony’s grandfather opened Jioio’s doors in 1950 in Latrobe. His background as a butcher and expertise in quality Italian and family cooking set the successful foundation of Jioio’s, with a menu originally composed of only 15 items. After almost 30 years of running the business Jioio’s shut down for a few years due to health complications. Tony’s father, who was also a school teacher, re-opened Jioio’s in 1979. Tony still lists both men as inspirations when asked about who influenced him. “Growing up, I worked with my grandfather for a little. There was 9 of us kids and I think our dad just wanted to get us out of the house.”

Family is just one of the many reasons why Jioio’s has had such a great deal of success. “I think product, dedication, and enjoy what you’re doing are keys what has kept us successful,” said Tony when asked about why Jioio’s has had so much continued success. “If something is not good then change it, if something is good then you have to maintain it. It’s a lifestyle, when we were young, we’d work then go upstairs home to bed.”

Jioio’s is different than your typical Pizzeria in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh pizza is generally round or Sicilian style (square pizza), however Jioio’s has always used the square shape for their pizza and never considered it a Sicilian style pizza. “Pizza never had true pans in the first place, so my grandfather used cookie trays from years ago to make pan pizza.”

Local had the chance to sit down and enjoy some of the signature dishes at Jioio’s. As a customer, you can instantly feel the family like atmosphere that Jioio’s prides itself on. Under the generous hospitality of the servers, you instantly feel welcomed into the community in addition to having the chance to eat top notch family dishes. Their pizza comes in their famous square shape and uses a family secret for the dough, which takes days to perfect. The non-rising pizza crust gives the dish a flaky bottom surface, which is enhanced with flavor as it is topped with quality brick cheese and a family sauce. Food and cooking is in the Jioio blood, “there was not a single meal my mother made that was not good,” said Tony. “She would begin prepping dinner in the morning while we were leaving for school. You could smell what she was making and feel excited to come home for dinner.”